I’ve never been completely sold on gift guides, mainly because they never seem to help me find gifts for other people just add extra things to my wish list. This year however, I wanted to give it a go – new name and everything. The problem is, the market is so overly saturated with gift guides to buy this and wear that – I wanted to do something different. Something funny and functional but writing about what I know. Which was obvious in my first gift guide – for your dog – ha! And in a nostalgic moment, I shared an old tradition through my secret Santa gift guide. So why gifts for your dog walker? Well a used to be a dog walker in high school and I remember getting the most random gifts from my clients, until they finally settled on a good old fashioned cheque.

It got me to thinking, what gifts would I have wanted? A range of anything from a practical backpack, so I could do my job better, to something relaxing after a day in the freezing cold with someone else’s dog. Without further ado, I bring you Staci & Co gift guide number four!

Where all you dog walkers at? Let me know what other things you’d want from clients, help me make mental notes for next year 🙂