Chia Seed Protein Shake Recipe

Chia Seed Protein Shake Recipe

It didn’t take long for me to realise that I do not eat enough to keep up with what Roslyn had in store for me with the Fit Bride Bootcamp – eating enough though has always been a problem for me, I don’t really like proteins and I definitely don’t like vegetables. I like to snack throughout the day – a banana here, a granola bar there, maybe a yogurt and a tiny bit of chicken and carbs for dinner. That was my day – all in all I would say I got about 1500 calories (although Roslyn is convinced it’s under 1000, I think I eat that many calories from Goldfish alone).

Nonetheless I’m determined to get the most from Fit Bride Bootcamp so we can not only present you with the best program but because well I really want too. So here’s how I changed up my breakfast, even though it’s my favourite meal and I eat huge massive breakfasts on the weekend I needed to find something that fit in my busy work schedule during the week and of course leave it to Rich it have an idea for something I might actually enjoy…

My breakfast every morning Monday through Friday now consists of some type of protein shake that I can take with me on the train and drink during my hour plus commute into work each morning (sigh). Instead of bombarding you with recipes I’m just going to share my favourite one at the moment.

Chia Seed Protein Shake

Chia Seed Protein Shake Recipe Chia Seed Protein Shake RecipeChia Seed Protein Shake RecipeChia Seed Protein Shake Recipe
I’m loving this one because I can do the prep in the evening which is a huge time saver for the mornings. Leave it to Rich, the health nut, to have some way of tricking me into having more protein by hiding it in chocolate and peanut butter…clever clever. Not a peanut butter person? Check out Roslyn’s strawberry/banana protein shake recipe instead.

Shop all the ingredients you need right here – including the perfect blender for on the go people.

What’s your favourite way to stay on track and get your three (maybe five) meals a day when you lead a busy work life??

Chia Seed Protein Shake Recipe
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