2 must read books for dog lovers

One Nation Under Dog

An insightful and funny look into America’s pet obsession and the explosion of the billion dollar industry over the past generation. Schaffer provides a surprising and lively portrait of our country as how we treat our pets reflects evolving ideas about domesticity, consumerism, politics, and family through this fabulously reported and sympathetic look at both us and our dog.

I absolutely loved this book, the writing was easy to read and really eye opening to those who might not know a lot about the pet industry and all the different areas. The book touches on everything from puppy mills to dog walkers and even touching stories of raising money for cutting edge surgeries.

I thought it was a great look into a variety of different areas that pet parents contribute to on a daily basis. The book is not perfect, it does gloss over and simplify some areas, especially when talking about responsible breeders. Despite that I’d still give the book a five out five.

The Dog Merchant

If you’re looking for something to dive into the business of breeders then this is the book for you. This is the first book I’ve read that explains the complex and often surprisingly similar business practices that extend from the American Kennel Club to local shelters, from Westminster champions to dog auctions. I couldn’t put it down.

Unlike a lot of discussions and groups regarding breeders versus rescues, this book doesn’t pit them against each other and it very well researched and written. I was blown away by some of the information and found myself reading some paragraphs over and over to really let it sink in.

For example, Kavin reveals that puppy farms are producing dogs in expectation that the rescue societies will buy them! This had me cringing and wanting to cry. She also finds a way to talk about canine abuse without being like Sarah McLachlan commercial.

Why have I paired these two books together?

The Dog Merchant ultimately looks for ways on how all dog lovers can come together as a consumer, which is the foundation of One National Under Dog. They just work together. Some areas will overlap but from a different perspective and both authors bring their own unique experiences and dog loving message to their stories.

If you love dogs, or are considering adding a dog to your family, you should read both of these dogs. It will help you understand what it means to be a pet parent and help you make informed decisions.

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