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Gift Guide: For Your Dog

Our first gift guide is ready! Naturally, it’s for your dog as well. Everything is available on Amazon Prime because we’re a Prime obsessed household. 80% of our shopping is done on Amazon so it’s a good chance most of these gift guides can be found on Amazon. Nothing says easy holiday shopping like shopping […]

#FreeTheGalgos - Awareness and Information

Weekend Reads: 09.02.17

I think it’s safe to say there has been no shortage of eventful things in the news to share but if your Facebook feed is anything like mine it’s flooded with enough articles to last a lifetime so I won’t be talking about politics here. Instead let’s talk dogs! If you follow me on Instagram […]

10 Things to know when you date a dog owner

10 Awesome Things About Dating a Dog Owner

So you’re thinking about dating a girl who has a pup – but do you have an idea what you’re getting yourself in to? Dog owners are extremely loyal individuals, they chose to get a pup knowing for the next 10-15 years they would be responsible for caring and loving for another living being. This […]

Pumpkin Peanut Butter Dog Treats Recipe

Homemade Pumpkin Dog Treats

There’s nothing I love more than spoiling Kendall with healthy snacks and alternatives so this week we taste tested some homemade pumpkin dog treats with a little peanut butter twist. The ingredients are simple, no fuss and healthy for dogs making it a guilt free snack for the most treat-loving pup. Ingredients |  1/2 cup […]

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