It’s almost Mother’s Day! I can’t quite believe it, I feel like it always sneaks up on me. Best get to ordering those gifts. And lets not forget all the Dog Mom’s in our life. Their kids may be unconventional and those with little humans will struggle to call them kids and most likely not wish them a Happy Mother’s Day but to all you amazing dog moms out there with or without little humans – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

I hope you treat yourself to a little something (or nudge someone else), enjoy some you time and remember that you too are a Mom. You have raised your pup, you care for them, feed them, take them to the doctors and worry when they get sick. You’ve probably sent them to day care for socialisation and stress about what food is best for them. Some of you will have lost your fur babies too soon, others may be celebrating their first years as a dog mom, to all of you I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day because you too are Moms and you deserve to be celebrated.

While Kendall has yet to buy me a present (but I do have my eyes on that selfie kit, hint hint) we normally celebrate with breakfast in bed, a day at the park and I normally get a “card” from Kendall. Aka Rich being super adorable – he’s a keeper!