Book Review of "Talking As Fast As I Can" by Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls

Review of Talking As Fast As I Can

Want to know the mark of a good book? You’re so invested that you go three stations past your stop, have to backtrack and are late to work because you were reading a book on your journey. THAT my friends is how you know that your book is good – no great.

I wanted to read this book for obvious reasons – I LOVE Gilmore Girls – and I love Lauren Graham, I read her previous book and was really impressed so when I heard she was not only writing another but about her life and time on Gilmore Girls, I needed very little convincing. From the moment I saw the cover I knew it was going to be perfect, fast paced and full of one liners and segways – I wasn’t disappointed.

Being a fast talker (and I fast reader) I was really looking forward to the pace of this book, it’s conversational in a Gilmore Girls way – it’s fast and keeps you on your toes, topics and sentences jump around in a fun and authentic way. I had the same “talking to a friend” feeling that I had when reading Shonda Rhimes ‘Year of Yes’ book. Both books are honest, they’re written in a fun and laid back format, Graham’s drawings and throwback photos make the experience that much more enjoyable.

My favourite part? The same part that made me miss my stop on the train actually – reading Graham’s reaction and reflections as she warched Gilmore Girls from the beginning. Having just rewatched the whole series (no shame) before the premiere of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, everything was fresh in my mind so I knew actually what moments and references she was laughing about.

This book was the ultimate walk down memory lane for any Gilmore Girls fan and for those wanted to be best friends with Lauren Graham, it’s a little insight into what talking to her over coffee would be like – and it’s everything.

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