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Book Review of Alisa Licht's Leave Your Mark

Leave Your Mark by Alisa Licht – A Review

Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht might be my favourite ‘work’ related book and a definite must for boss babes everywhere. I originally read this book nearly a year ago and I covered the booked with highlighted paragraphs and sticky notes, I couldn’t read it fast enough. After starting back at my job and taking […]

Book Review of "Talking As Fast As I Can" by Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls

Review of Talking As Fast As I Can

Want to know the mark of a good book? You’re so invested that you go three stations past your stop, have to backtrack and are late to work because you were reading a book on your journey. THAT my friends is how you know that your book is good – no great. I wanted to […]

One Day by David Nicholls

Review of One Day by David Nicholls

You may have seen the movie of the same name, with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, released in 2011 about two best friends Emma and Dexter. No matter, still read the book by David Nicholl’s! (and see the film because it’s amazing, and quickly became one of my favorites) If you’ve seen the movie you […]

Top 10 Thriller Books

Top 10 Thriller Books

Lets talk thriller – and I’m not talking Michael Jackson – I’m talking about good old-fashioned thriller books, but with a bit of a twist. Everyone loves a good scary movie this time of year but what about a good thriller to sink your teeth into – now that’s something not everyone talks about. Or maybe […]

Best Books for Summer 2016

Favourite Summer Books

When it comes to picking out books for the summer my standard go to is chick-lit, beach themed easy breezes but this summer I decided to go for a different theme – a location themed list of books for our travels – starting with … Pari PARIS My Paris Dream by Kate Betts Nice is […]

Review of Crazy Beautiful

You know that moment when you suddenly get the urge to read any and everything because you don’t want to stop reading, it’s like something comes alive inside you and you feel as if you could spend the rest of your life curled up reading book after book and be content. Well, maybe you don’t […]

The Quarter Life Crisis Reading List

The Quarter Life Crisis Reading List

Remember when you were a younger and you thought that be this age you’d have your life figured out and be in complete control and know what you were doing with your life? It’s a nice thought. But here we are, nearing 25, lost, confused and wondering just as ever ‘what do I want to […]