Book Review of Alisa Licht's Leave Your Mark

Leave Your Mark by Alisa Licht – A Review

Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht might be my favourite ‘work’ related book and a definite must for boss babes everywhere. I originally read this book nearly a year ago and I covered the booked with highlighted paragraphs and sticky notes, I couldn’t read it fast enough. After starting back at my job and taking on more responsibilities relating to the company’s social media and online presence I figured it was time to study Aliza’s words again.

I love reading (and re-reading) this book because Aliza is so candid and honest, it’s easy and true, just like talking to her friend over coffee about Instagram’s new algorithm changes. I’m the first to admit I lucked out in the job department, I can truly say I love what I do and where I work, which means chapters like how to write a cover letter are less impactful for me at this stage in my career but I’ve made plenty of notes nonetheless – ugh, that made me sound so nerdy – but it’s true.

Book Review of Alisa Licht's Leave Your Mark

Aliza gives the reader oodles of information, Leave Your Mark is filled with detailed and practical tips. From how to prep for an interview to even how to ask for a promotion (ahem, so many notes). My only regret is that I didn’t take a minute to digest the information I was reading the first time around, I was so eager to get through it and finish because as I mentioned it’s so conversational, that I flew through it.

One thing I did take away and this is huge…if your dream job doesn’t exist, create it. It’s never too late to change your mind about your career, you should be doing something that makes you happy.

My job is definitely unique but one of the reasons I can’t imagine leaving is I get to dip my toe in so many different areas. One day I can be doing accountancy and tax paperwork for 6 hours and the next I’m styling photoshoots and designing advertisements for magazines. I get to put both my creative side and my analytical nature to use and I love that about my job, I can’t imagine getting that diversity and freedom to choose which hat I wear everyday without working for myself.

I highly recommend this book for any girl in college or recently graduated and looking to enter the workplace. No, forget that – EVERYONE should read this, the advice is on point and it’s so easy to read. I even copied a few pages, added notes, and gave to my boss as a quick lowdown on social media etiquette. So yes, the book is ideal for young women but really it’s advice any professional should read.

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