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You know that moment when you suddenly get the urge to read any and everything because you don’t want to stop reading, it’s like something comes alive inside you and you feel as if you could spend the rest of your life curled up reading book after book and be content. Well, maybe you don’t – it’s a rare feeling – a feeling that was reignited when I started reading Crazy Beautiful by Jessica Serra Huizenga.

I love these kinds of books, witty, to the point, romantic and sexy all while being realistic and believable. I have never been a hopeless romantic person, over the top movies and books make me gag because life isn’t like that – relationships aren’t like that. Crazy Beautiful was the balance, the balance of daydream and what people wish for the friends to more than stories that make you think just maybe all while giving hope because it wasn’t overplayed. The humour and the wit of the two main characters was spot on, after just 20 pages I wanted to be friends and go have a drink. I was quickly swept away into a new world, I don’t remember turning the pages or chapter breaks, which to me is the mark of any good book. Yes, it was shorten than my normal read but that doesn’t matter I would happily spend days in the lives of Kinsley & Lucas – the writing was second to none and the style and syntax reminded me of my own which made for a pleasant surprise.

If you’re looking for a long book to last you the summer, this isn’t it, but if you’re looking for a book to bring to the beach for the day and lay away in the sun and daydream a sexy summer romance then this is the ticket. And you better believe I’m already itching to get my hands on the newly released second book in the series, Mad Addiction.

Have you read Crazy Beautiful? Do you like quick flirty reads for the summer or are you more of a this is the time to try that massive 600 page book kind of person? Would love to hear your thoughts below.

(Photo provided from author Jessica Serra Huizenga. This was in no way affiliated with the author, all opinions are my own.)

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