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Books Read in 2015

I first got into blogging through Tumblr as a way to share ideas and reviews on books and see what everyone else was reading because I always running out of books to read. In 2014 I read over 80 books throughout the year and although I knew it would be different this year working and studying for my post-grad I still set a goal of 50 books for the year. However, as the year comes to a close it’s clear to see I’ve fallen short (actually I’ve done half). Nonetheless, I’ve still read a lot of good books that I wanted to share…

Top 5 Books of 2015:

And Everything Else:

Guilty Pleasures:

Books for University:

  • Why We’re Losing the War on Terror (read my analysis)
  • Serial Killers & Mass Murders
  • The Trafficking of Persons
  • Writing the War on Terrorism (read my analysis)

Although I read countless articles, legal documents and what have you for my dissertation and my courses throughout the year there is still something special about reading a book start to finish because you want to. When you’re considering what to read for next year or want to get back into reading I highly recommend a book from this years featured top 5.

What did you read this year? What is your Top 5?

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