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love and a labrador


Born and raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I couldn’t wait to head down south where I studied Criminal Justice at The University of South Carolina. Determined to travel as soon as possible, I started my second year in London, where as luck would have it I met a guy. In November 2012 a “American girl meets British guy” fairytale started to unfold.

After what felt like a lifetime of long distance, I moved back to London where I studied International Security at University of Westminster. During this transition, I launched my blog, Lattes & Lipstick, as a way to keep up with friends and family back home. After three years of blogging, I’d outgrown both the name and the original aim of L&L. On the advice of my blogger besties, the support of my husband and the cuddles of my labrador, a new dream was formed – Staci & Co.

Staci & Co, reflects every aspect of my life – however crazy, loud and sometimes mundane – it’s real. It combines the two most important things in my life (hubby and pup, respectfully) and gives me the space to write about the things that I really love and I’m passionate about.

So whether you’re a dog parent, a newlywed, an activist, or someone looking for their next travel destination, there’s something on Staci & Co for each and every one of you.

I hope you enjoy our little corner of the internet and don’t forget to leave comments, we’d love to hear from you!



  1. Luciana V. Suárez

    Hello Staci: I know you from Tumblr, because we both love books, and i saw that you have this blog, which i love because it’s a combination of all kinds of wonderful things and i particulary love your recipes and advices. Sounds like you have a very exciting life in a wonderful country. I’ll check your updates. Hope you’re having a great weekend. Xoxo!

    1. Lattesnlipstick

      Hello! I’m so glad you found me and enjoy my blog. The recipes are something new I’m trying to work on, so I’m happy someone is looking forward to them. Keep in touch, I love reading people’s comments. xx

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    […] Staci West of Lattes & Lipstick is one of my best friends. We lived in the same halls at university whilst Staci was studying abroad and immediately clicked. Over the years our friendship blossomed out of a mutual love for tea, stationary and to-do lists. We travelled together during my own study abroad stint in the US, and when Staci officially moved to London to complete her MA we met up regularly to shop, have brunch and chat about our blogs. […]

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